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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grabbit while it's hot...

Just got this for my iPad.  Definitely recommend you get one if you plan on using it for treatment or evaluation....or presentations.  I've been using my iPad for a ton of things recently and have struggled with a good way to hold the thing.  Anyway, I did a bunch of research on different types of handles and such.  I just think this one is the way to go.  


  1. Hi Erik

    Just wondering if you use your ipad for OT related things, like in your clinic etc. Do you recommend other therapists getting them? I already have an iphone and macbook and like the idea of an ipad but am not entirely sure I would need one. What do you think?


  2. Yes, I use it all the time with treatment and evaluation. I'm going to write a blog in the next couple days that will identify the specific apps that I use. It took a bit to figure out what I wanted to use the iPad for, but when I started using it at work it was awesome. Anyway, stay tuned for that post. Hope that helps.




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