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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Great Bit on Army OT and Me

So I had the incredible opportunity to sit for several hours with a writer from the Washington Post over the past several weeks.  The story goes that the reporter from the Post was supposed to spend an hour or so with me to understand OT better and to do a bit on it.  Well, after spending the hour with me and SGT Bernardo, he wanted to do a much larger piece on us.  He asked to be able to return a couple of times, so he ended up coming back several sessions.  One in the clinic, one in our ADL (Activities of Daily Living) apartment where I was doing a cooking class with Bernardo (Pancakes and Bacon), one doing a Golf treatment session outside, and one in a community re-integration setting where we went to Target.  Anyway, the story ended up being featured on the Front Page of the Washington Post on Christmas.  It was pretty cool.  The pic on the front is actually a funny moment because SGT Bernardo and had an impromptu wrestling match in the hallway.  He started beating me, so I had no choice but to rip his arm off.  Hahaha.  Anyway, check out the article.  I think you'll enjoy it.  Here's the link to it:



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